**Jon Dean - The Science of DMT**

1. Introduction to Guest and Topic

- Jon Dean's background in chemistry and psychology

- His interest in DMT catalyzed by an existential crisis

- Mention of Jon's research on endogenous DMT

- Components of Jon’s studies, including DMT's presence in bodily fluids

- Upcoming studies on continuously infused DMT

2. Historical Context and Influences

- The synthesis of DMT in 1931 and its discovery in human fluids in 1965

- Contributions by Rick Strassman, author of "DMT: The Spirit Molecule"

- Jon's inspiration from Strassman's work

3. Endogenous DMT and Consciousness

- Discussion of the presence of DMT in human brain tissue

- Findings on enzymatic expression in the frontal cortex and pineal gland

- Enzymes related to DMT production detected through molecular biology techniques

- Cardiac arrest studies in animals demonstrating a rise in DMT levels

4. Dan Riley’s Insights

- Surprised reaction to DMT's potential subtle effects on mood

- Reference to a 2019 University of Michigan paper's findings

5. Exploring the Mystery of Neuroscience

- The intrigue of the unknown in neuroscience

- Acknowledgment of joy in accepting what is not yet understood

- Emphasis on staying present and moderating the ego

6. Future of Neuroscience and Psychedelic Science

- Current trends and hot topics in neuroscience

- The necessity for well-controlled studies and reproducibility

- Discussions surrounding the potential of psychedelics in clinical trials

7. Speculations on DMT's Role

- DMT's speculated involvement in consciousness and reality

- The speculative yet imaginative approach in scientific research

- The potential existence of an endogenous DMT system

8. Personal Impact of Psychedelic Experiences

- Jon Dean's account of how psychedelics influenced his ability to cope with personal loss

- Impact on being present during significant life events

9. Literature and Studies on DMT

- Rick Strassman's work and influence on Jon Dean

- Injection studies and anecdotal feedback on DMT effects

- Anecdotal experience reports involving contact with entities in other dimensions

10. Research Goals and Cultural Significance

- UCSD's studies on DMT's potential medical applications

- Interest in the cultural and experiential components of DMT encounters

- Potential alleviation of chronic pain and visual system effects through DMT studies