It is rare for a writer and thinker to be revered by opposing political factions.  

But this is the case with George Orwell.  In the United States, it is common for Republicans and Democrats to quote, point to, and lionize this man.


He cared about freedom.  He put skin in the game.  He had political views, but could resist and see through the herd, the madness of crowds.  

He possessed a “power of facing” unpleasant truths, especially those he was incentivized to accept.      

He saw that twisting and controlling language was a fundamental component of totalitarianism.  

He provided the clarity of language to show us what to fear, and to identify how tyrants brainwash citizens into compliance.  
His enduring gift to us is the framework he provided in his work - humanity’s best, clear-thinking pushback against the enemies of liberty.