The best minds on specific topics - like investing or philosophy - are available to anyone in the world, anytime, for free.  This is one of the most hopeful facts about the modern world.  

But after limited exposure, the messages of Warren Buffet or Naval Ravikant fade, their unique, differentiating outlook not converting to long-term memory.  Their principles are not fully understood.  Their ideas are not integrated into day-to-day thinking.

It’s more important to learn and re-learn the basics from the best, than to spend additional time on new, less-than-world-class minds.  Their ideas are light-year leverage, with the potential to quickly upgrade your mental software, making you significantly more capable.

Looking for a new book?  Re-read the life-changing one you once read, but haven’t consulted in years.

Looking for a new podcast episode?  Re-listen to the most idea-rich, pragmatic, thoughtful conversation you’ve found, but haven’t revisited in months.

Let the fundamental insights seep in, and have them become a part of you.