I’ve always known that I’m not particularly talented, just particularly driven.  

I read slowly, I can’t build anything, I forget names.  When learning new skills, it takes me longer than most people.  Repetition is required.  I’ve come to accept this.

I’ve always wanted to work with people smarter than me - that’s where opportunities are.

Why have they decided to work with me?

I’ve focused on not being an asshole, not complaining, not adding unnecessary stress, not straying from a circle of competence.

I’ve worked to be worthy of trust, to maintain a good attitude, to show resilience, to be good company.

If you’re untalented, be net-positive to the group.

You’ll watch the talented be harsh; the gifted betray trust; the successful act superior.  Over time, these characteristics are corrosive to a group dynamic.  They make coming to work unpleasant.  

Even a genius is net-counterproductive if their personality is poisonous.