1. **Orwell's Childhood Influence**
- Orwell’s rough school years shaped his views on authoritarian structures and societal control mechanisms.

2. **Orwell's Professional Background**
- Early career experiences in Burma exposed Orwell to authoritarian impulses, reinforcing his disdain for totalitarianism.

3. **Writing as Refuge**
- Orwell’s health and personal relationships significantly influenced his decision to pursue a career in writing.

4. **Orwell on Modern Surveillance**
- Discussion on how Orwell would perceive today’s digital surveillance aligning with his predictions of societal control.

5. **Orwell and Huxley**
- Exploration of Orwell's views on Huxley's work and speculations on Orwell’s evolving political ideologies with age.

6. **Orwell’s Tech Skepticism**
- Despite Orwell’s limited tech knowledge, his conservative views might have skewed his perceptions of technological advancements.

7. **Orwell's Work Misused**
- Inquiry into how Orwell would react to his novels being exploited for ideological and political agendas.

8. **Enduring Newspeak Impact**
- Riley probes the lasting effect of Orwell’s concepts like newspeak on contemporary language and politics.

9. **Orwell’s Literary Influence**
- Taylor agrees Orwell's essay on politics and language continues to resonate, offering insights into ‘Orwellian’ environments today.

10. **Personal Versus Public Life**
- Delves into Orwell's personal life on Jura, highlighting how his private experiences influenced his literary themes.