1. Introduction to the Conversation

- Jeremi Suri appreciates nuanced conversations on new media.

- Dan Riley acknowledges differences and common ground with Suri.

2. The State of Division and Distrust

- Examination of divisiveness and distrust in modern US compared to history.

- Impact of propaganda and echo chambers preventing collaboration.

- Issues with communication technology leading to sorted interactions.

3. Overcoming Tribalism and Echo Chambers

- The necessity of unsorting society for better interaction.

- Historical precedents for breaking tribalism.

- Personal anecdote about cultural divides in America.

- The significance of historical solutions to current societal issues.

4. Personal Experiences with Research and Ideologies

- Dan Riley's research in Russia post-Soviet Union.

- Observations of wealth disparity and ideological belief in Russia.

- Insights into the belief systems of communist leaders.

- Riley's research into protest movements, foreign policy, and generational change in the US.

5. Guest Background and Proposals

- Jeremi Suri's family history and immigration to the US.

- Advocacy for civilian conservation corps and mandatory public service.

- The importance of desegregating schools and creating educational access.

- The need for public spaces to foster diverse interactions.

6. The Role of Empathy and Understanding

- The benefits of interaction in reducing prejudice and fostering empathy.

- The dangers of certainty and the value of curiosity in leadership.

- Recognizing systemic influences rather than blaming individuals.

7. Combating American Tribalism

- Necessity of investing in institutions that promote unity.

- The role of schools, summer camps, and community activities in bridging gaps.

- Speaking out against divisive rhetoric.

- Supporting media that encourages constructive conversations.

8. Academic Interests and the Power of History

- Jeremi Suri's background fostering an interest in history.

- Initial focus as a Cold War historian and the power of individual agency.

- Analysis of the Soviet Union's collapse and the failed communist system.

- Suri's academic trajectory beyond studying the Cold War.