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Personality's Influence on Political Views: "I think, well, what if we consider that people have different personality predispositions that make them value one policy over another?"
— Sherry Ning [00:05:15 → 00:05:27]

The Power of Introversion: "There's a power of introversion and people who are more quiet, or they just not shy, but they get energy by being alone or sitting inside their own heads and introspecting that there's a real superpower to that, that naturally extroverted people are just not used to, or they don't see the value in that."
— Sherry Ning [00:07:13 → 00:07:31]

The Trade-offs of Career Success: "But then once you get to know them a little bit, they talk about how I was at the stream when I was an analyst, when I was your age, and I didn't do it, or I was once so interested in this, and now my hips hurt and I can't do that anymore. And it is a trade off. You definitely work hard for a career like that, and you make it to that senior level and you have the reputation, you have the salary. But then I thought about myself, like, am I someone who is able to make that sacrifice? Would I feel okay with all the material good and the financial success, but knowing that I could have done this other thing and loved it and enjoyed it?"
— Sherry Ning [00:18:57 → 00:19:44]

The Changing Landscape of Inclusion and Diversity: "I think the words inclusion and diversity have been misused in too many places that they no longer mean what they originally mean."
— Sherry Ning [00:29:42 → 00:29:55]

The Nature of Inclusion and Diversity: "For ideas and say, you're hosting a party and you want, you know, all kinds of people to be interacting, and you want different people of different careers or different jobs and different backgrounds to cross pollinate in that conversation. I think that is the very original and dictionary definition of inclusion and diversity."
— Sherry Ning [00:29:59 → 00:30:20]

Reflections on Maternal Wisdom: "And I would say that the two big things my mom really instills in me is, number one, is not individual independence, like, kind of being self-sufficient and agency? Like, if you don't like something in the world, go change it. If you can't change it, then just, I don't know, avoid it, accept it, but never give up without a fight. Like, if you want something, you can speak up. You have free will."
— Sherry Ning [00:37:24 → 00:37:42]

Resilience in Adversity: "What is your strength, your inner strength? And for my mom, a lot of inner strength."
— Sherry Ning [00:38:19 → 00:38:24]

The Impact of Choice and Chance: "And in a way, it's kind of useless thinking about the what ifs, because while you're already here, today is tomorrow's what if today you are doing things that ten years from now you might be thinking about, oh, what if I didn't go on Dan Riley's show? Like, what if I didn't do this? It was this very existential thinking too far out into the future."
— Sherry Ning [00:47:06 → 00:47:31]

Appreciation for Jordan Peterson: "I think it's very enjoyable to listen to him speak because it's like listening to a wise grandfather who's been there, done that, seen it all."
— Sherry Ning [00:51:09 → 00:51:17]

Understanding Religiosity: "not religion per se, but religiosity, like the propensity to have religion, is somehow at the core of human nature, that you have to lean on a set of beliefs."
— Sherry Ning [00:57:13 → 00:57:24]