It can be difficult to persuade others of the rationale for ethical, thoughtful decision making.

Because of obligation, because of guilt, because of hell are common reasons for virtuous behavior.

Perhaps the best reason is this: because you will know.

You say you’re a good friend, but have set up your life to maximize for distractedness, tardiness, and flakiness?

You consistently indicate that you want to get together with someone, but know that’s a lie?

You pretend to forget about a $100 debt you an owe an acquaintance and stick them with the bill?

Perhaps the best incentive for honest, long-term action is based on your relationship with yourself.

Self-esteem and self-awareness are crucial to a flourishing life.

Your worldview and your view of yourself is largely a reflection of your knowledge of your own character - your actions, not your impulses.

This is reminiscent of a Benjamin Franklin line: "If you want to persuade, appeal to interest, not to reason."

At some level, you will always know.