(Timestamps from Spotify):

Freedom of Inquiry in Journalism: "But when you're not allowed to ask questions as a journalist, you should ask questions more. That's the point. We don't stop just because someone says you're not meant to ask about this." - Helen Joyce 00:04:26 > 00:04:35

Identity and Society: "If we think of gender identities as being like beliefs, then we can think about how to protect them and how to take them seriously and how to accommodate them in a pluralistic society in a way that's not mean or nasty or hurtful, but doesn't either impose upon other people."— Helen Joyce 00:11:40 > 00:11:59

Gender Identity in Education: "I looked at teaching materials from Australia, Canada, lots of us states here in the UK, my own country, Ireland, and those materials really tell children that the stereotypes are what make you a boy or a girl or something in between."— Helen Joyce 00:29:46 > 00:30:01

Transgender Youth and Medical Treatments: "And if you start from the premise that people can have a gender identity that doesn't match their body and that there are adults who are trans and those adults are miserable because their bodies don't match their identities, then it doesn't seem too big a step to try to fix the body early so that the child can grow up happy in the body they were meant to have."— Helen Joyce 00:33:30 > 00:33:49

The Consequences of Youth Gender Interventions: "And if you put a kid who's so young, they haven't had full adult orgasms on puberty blockers, and they go straight on cross sex hormones, they won't ever have an orgasm, and you don't become fertile unless you go through your own puberty, at least to some extent, that's how it works."— Helen Joyce 00:37:46 > 00:38:04

Transgender Identity and Incarceration Policies: "As far as I know, all male people who identify as female or nonbinary, wanting to go into a female jail the other way around. Funnily enough, female people don't tend to want to be held in men's prisons, and not all of them by any means, have got transfer."— Helen Joyce 00:41:54 > 00:42:04

Inclusivity in Design: "What are people's needs? What do different groups need in order to play a full part in society? Sometimes those needs are sex based, and sometimes they're belief based, and sometimes those things interact."— Helen Joyce 00:55:42 > 00:55:54

Identity Politics and Social Liberation: "It makes a huge difference to your life chances whether you're black or white, whether you're male or female, what your nationality is. It's seeing all of these as being things that are internal to people and that are self chosen and that you make yourself and that you identify as things. And also then thinking about how we liberate people from the constraints that those identities might bring."— Helen Joyce 01:01:48 > 01:02:10

Gender Recognition Act and Employment Controversy: "So she wrote quite measured things in her own name on social media, saying she didn't think that they should change the law. And two of her American colleagues in the Washington office complained."— Helen Joyce 01:19:55 > 01:20:06

LGBTQ Rights and Unlikely Alliances: "Among the people I talked to for the book are people who I really disagree with profoundly on pretty much everything that's dear to me, which is the alliance defending freedom. These are people who fought against gay marriage, who fight against contraception being available freely and easily, and they fight against abortion. And now they're fighting on the same side as me against admitting male people to female spaces and sports and so on, which is why I was talking to them."— Helen Joyce 01:29:3 >01:29:57