1. Background and Involvement in Anthony Graves' Case

- Initial lack of public support and attention

- Nicole Casseris and Pamela Koloff's crucial roles in investigating and publicizing his innocence

- Role of journalists and the Innocence Project in bringing his case to light

2. Anthony Graves' Experience on Death Row

- The emotional toll of witnessing executions and the reality of potential execution

- The hellish living conditions and isolation on death row

- Maintaining hope and faith to stay mentally focused and sane

3. Legal Struggles and Wrongful Conviction

- Being charged with capital murder and denied bond without understanding why

- Spending years in jail awaiting trial and facing a biased legal system

- Challenges with a nearly all-white jury and a racist prosecutor

4. Active Fight for Justice

- Anthony Graves' creation of Join Hands for Justice

- Raising awareness and mobilizing support through pen pals and media involvement

- The eventual involvement of an investigative journalist and Innocence Clinic

5. Anthony Graves' Life Before Incarceration

- His upbringing, early fatherhood, and job as a machinist

- Being falsely implicated in a heinous crime

6. Role of Media and the Need for Criminal Justice Reform

- Media responsibility and the negative impact of sensationalism

- Anthony's last ten years spent advocating for reform and helping others in similar situations

- The purpose and driving force behind Anthony's continued work and his podcast

7. The Trial and Evidence Against Anthony Graves

- Family members dismissed as unreliable alibi witnesses

- Co-defendant's testimony against him, despite its falsehood and external coercion

- The struggle against mounting false evidence and a biased legal system

8. Release and Adjustment Post-Incarceration

- Learning about the dismissal of all charges and the emotional reaction

- Difficulties adjusting to life outside prison

- Launching a podcast for advocacy and reform

9. Infinite Hope podcast Initiative

- Anthony Graves' motivations for starting the podcast

- Understanding systemic injustices through stories shared on the podcast

- The impact of storytelling in shaping public perception of guilt and innocence

10. Discussion on Criminal Justice System and Racial Biases

- Commentary on the broken criminal justice system and the need for dialogue

- Addressing racist practices and accountability for those in power

- Influence of media on public opinion and the presumption of innocence